After losing all of my hair from Chemo, I was so excited to meet Joyce Ward. Joyce is an eighth generation custom wig designer. Joyce is not only talented at making wigs; she truly cares about how dismembering it feels for people to lose their hair. She and I had an hour and a half long consultation to discuss what I wanted in a wig – what I couldn’t find off the shelves at the local wig stores. My previous wig that I wore for seven months looked so fake, that I wore a hat over it. Joyce and I talked about color, style, length, cap, type of hair and even that I wanted dark roots so it would look most like my own hair that had had low lights and high lights. My new wig is great! No more need for a hat! I am so thankful to have this new, custom made wig and will be wearing it for a long time to come. My hair before it all fell out was half way down my back! It’s hard to explain how nice it is to be able to look in the mirror and see “Me” again!

~ Kathy Schille

Cancer is a lonely and frightening disease. Most women faithfully have their mammograms annually. Although we know the alarming statistics of breast cancer we never truly believe it will touch us personally. In the early spring one of my oldest and dearest friends found a lump and began the frightening path towards diagnosis and treatment. As a friend I tried to be as supportive as possible. Listening was probably my strongest trait. My friend needed to voice her thoughts fears and concerns. She needed reassurance along the way. In mid October during breast cancer awareness month ironically I found a lump. I had the obvious of advantage of prior knowledge to the  diagnosis and treatment process. My friend was there from the onset with me. She traveled the path with me held my hand and gave me the reassurance I needed. As it turned out I too had a stage III breast cancer. My friend has strength, courage, and a magnetic personality. As she traveled this path she met and connected with women with large hearts, good knowledge and giving spirits. Although my journey will be difficult it's been made easier by my friend and these connections that she's made. I'm overwhelmed by the loving giving and faithfulness for the Women I've met. Initially medical knowledge and knowledge of the specialists within the community were invaluable information. As I continue on this path The psychological effects of treatment become more difficult. Loss of breasts loss of hair and loss of self-esteem. It was then that I met Joyce Ward who has phenomenal talent and extraordinary faith that touched my life. Through her organization Joyce was able to provide me with a wig prior to my hair loss. This alone makes the journey less painful. At least now I have the confidence to move forward. I feel less like a victim and more like a beneficiary of amazing gifts and support from those around me.

~ Christine Schrantz