Sponsor A Wig

Sponsor a wig program is designed for the community, to give back to women and children in need of a wig while in treatment. These wigs are custom made with 100% human hair that can last for a life time they come  in many colors, length and textures.

We have research and found that there are no wigs in the market place for children so we  have decided to design the Amanda Stewart collection for children. These small caps are custom made and can give the kids the confidence that they need to feel better.

The collection will be designed and packaged with Amanda's art designs so each child will feel special wearing her collection, knowing she cares and wants other children to feel better about them self too.

The collection is coming soon and we are so excited. Please donate to make this dream come true you will be such a blessing giving back to our community.

The "Sponsor-a-wig" program donation amount starts at $25.00-$250.00. All of these proceeds go to making a wig for a child in need.