Special Thanks from Amanda

" Hi my name is Amanda I am 10 years old. When my mom introduced me to Joyce I was happy that someone understood what I was going through and was okay that I had no hair she didn't mind and she just made me feel comfortable. When my hair was tangled and matted together I felt that my life was ruined because my hair was everything to me its been with me since I was born so I felt awkward not having it and not being able to style it but I've looked on the bright side and feel more comfortable now. When I first slept overnight in a hospital it was awkward and scary because you're not used to it you're used to sleeping in your own room in your own house but once you start doing it constantly you get used to it and feel more comfortable. When I first went for Proton Therapy it was scary but the people there are so nice and sweet once you get to know them plus there is a art table and that is the best thing about Proton Therapy in my opinion I just like how it distracts your mind from everything happening around you and you get to do your own thing to the art piece and make it unique. My favorite art piece I have done here is a painting I did of a dabbling alien because it describes me: unique goofy and more. I created the LOVE project by doodling I didn't think I just left my hand move the marker and came out with a project that said LOVE in the middle and rainbow all around it. I also created a FLOWER project and how I did that is again I started doodling and putting shapes and whatever I wanted on it then I took some rubbing alcohol and used a dropper to drop it on the sharpie doodles I made and tilted it to mix the colors and make my doodles into a pretty art piece. I like my wig because it is the same color and length and my hair before all this happened so thank you Joyce for making a 10 year old's dream come true, I know there are boys with the same problem so that is why we are making them for boys and girls to not be embarrassed or scared to walk out of there house."

- Amanda Stewart

Amanda's Art Collection